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From the shoe on the point of view, the British shoes as a traditional look is: round fat, do not belong to the special thin and capable look, this point on the Italian shoes or French shoes have a more obvious difference. But in fact, this type of shoe is very comfortable to wear, do not need too slender feet will be able to fully cope.

One of the most typical is Edward Green’s Last 202 (Last, last; 202, model. Replica Prada Shoes Wingtip metallic leather brogues Gray is similar to Patek Philippe Ref5119 or Rolex 116713 this). In fact, in the international men’s shoes lovers the most popular last type is Edward Green’s Last202, but the British shoes are not static. Crockett & Jones tried the toe design. Even Edward Green himself from Last 202 upgrade to Last 82, which is significantly more than 202 some slender, of course, fashion sense and sense of the times even stronger.

Replica Prada Shoes

Also the most noteworthy is the upstart Gaziano & Girling. The brand is made up of two masters, looking at the name can be guessed one or two: Tony Gaziano and Dean Girling. Where T. Gaziano was responsible for the design work at the bespoke department of George Cleverley and Edward Green; D. Girling served as Master Shoemaker of John Lobb in London. The two shoots were set up today and we saw Gaziano & Girling.

This is a mixed brand, it has both the traditional British Replica prada shoes: thick skin for the end, but at the same time joined the Italian, legal system coquettish coquettish appearance. Basically it took a few decades to finish a few hundred years old road (is not exactly like today’s Panerai?) But have to say is that, Gaziano & Girling the quality is really high, I not only bought them Home of the RTW, also bought the Deco series (MTO), although the price is not enough (enough to Amoy a good phase of the second-hand Omega on the moon), but wearing feelings and visual experience absolutely talk about “double OK” The.

Replica Prada Shoes

Of course, these born Replica shoes are not idle, OEM market is also often able to see their shadow, for example: Edward Green Ralph Lauren Purple Label has been found; Santoni to Dunhill foundry brand’s flagship shoes type. Interestingly, RalphLauren Purple Label shoes actually sold than the foundry Edward Green almost the same paragraph more expensive! A little do not understand, this is the result of two brand premium superimposed on the traditional sense, since it is fashionable luxury, Must not be France. A friend said: French people in addition to wine and luxury goods, basically do not produce any other good industrial products. Although extreme, but it is not unreasonable.

Legal system replica shoes must be made in the footwear industry, the most famous such as berluti (letter b lowercase, loyal to the brand logo) J.M.Weston, the former 1895, the latter began to do shoes in 1891. In the country, especially berluti, or get a lot of favor, and its brand soul from the strange color.

Replica Prada Shoes

Many people is so “seductive”, berluti the upper color is not symmetrical, but a manual color process, the more evildoer is berluti upper can be embroidered! Another big family, it is Italy. Italians now basically control the peak of men’s clothing brand, we often say Kiton, Brioni, Attolini and said Big3.

So the Italian basic men’s shoes can be considered a large family branch, its representative brands such as Riccardo FrecciaBestetti, Santoni, a.testoni, etc., if the law system shoes to polish known, then the Italian shoes are shoe-like champions, basically Are filled with a taste of ancient Roman fighters: slender strong! Eastern Europe and Spain shoes, selling expensive may be a little blowing over.

Replica Prada Shoes

Although many countries in Eastern Europe have experienced changes from socialism to capitalism, but the issue of shoes on Eastern Europe or a slight voice, such as Vass (shoe box engraved with Budapest words), as well as SaintCrispin’s (this card Selling expensive, but the quality and other aspects of the benevolent see benevolent wise see wisdom).

And Spain basically has a national brand known as the brand: Carmina, in addition to a brother brand to take the low end of the route Meermin (both of which I bought, to say that the national treasure, the three words seem to have blown some ). Again, now the performance of Japanese independent shoes is very good (independent shoe people? Yes, put him as an independent tabulation is good, really very similar). These top Japanese shoes because of the small workers, limited production, the quality of its single product is very high. And basically by hand to complete, and above said a lot of top brands have already introduced a pipeline.

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